Blessings everyone! For a GOOD while I have been using old baby food bottles to store 
my beads. I have twins so I figured why waste them! Lol! 
This is what my table looked like before (when clean):

I found these GREEEEEAT storage containers at Michaels and LOVE them!!

This is my table now! 
(Yes, still a few baby bottles. But MUCH better!) Lol.

So much easier to break down my table when I have to take it to events!

My hoops with different phrases are VERY popular and I have been keeping each letter in separate bags…that’s 26 separate bags Lol! 
Then I saw this beautiful bead storage container for 40% off! 
I hesitated but bought it anyway and I am SO glad I did! 

It has been such a blessing!
It helps so much when I am separating the alphabet beads and making earrings! 
It was the last one they had too! God is so good!

What special organizing tidbits have you come across today??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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