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Last week after Thanksgiving my hubby and I did the 3 Day Detox and posted the details of my shopping experience here. I have finally had time to do my review of the Detox! The results were GREAT! The first day I lost a few inches (waste) off of my waist and didn’t feel bloated anymore! No scale (thank God), so I can’t tell you how much I lost but my hubby said he noticed that my belly is smaller! Thank you Lord!! I feel more like a sexy momma now! Oww! Lol!

My favorite smoothie was the breakfast smoothie! YUM!!


When I made the lunch smoothie the first time, I messed up and didn’t take the lime peel off before blending it and it was GROSS!!!!!!
But my hubby made it the second day and it was much better 🙂



I gave myself a wonderful treat from Subway on the 4th day after the Detox ended! Yay!


I am still doing the lemon tea in the mornings from the Detox and a smoothie a day. Something close to the breakfast smoothie. My hubby is still doing smoothies as well. He said he didn’t like the coconut water taste though lol. Which figures because he doesn’t like coconut. My little ones liked the breakfast and dinner smoothies but wouldn’t drink the lunch smoothie lol.

Check out my previous post for more info on the 3 Day Detox here.

Have you done the detox? What did you think about it?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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0 Thoughts on “Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Review!”

  • I did detox too.. I loved the bfast and dinner smoothie, but the dinner smoothie that is another story!!
    1st day I only drank half of lunch smoothie because celery was over powering.The 2nd day I used less celery and loved it.
    I lost 4lbs!!!!! like you im still doing tea in morning and one smoothie a day!!


  • It really wasn't that bad except for the 3rd day. I was super irritable. I also didn't really like the lunch smoothie that much but I could stomach it because I'm a big veggie eater. Now the question is would I do it again lol….hmm…we'll see;)

  • So today is day two of the 3day detox and it's actually going well, I will admit last night I ate a turkey sandwich and a slice of pizza, and the sad part about it, I was not hungry at all the drinks and water kept me full.. I guess it was a mind thing.. today I'm doing better and shouldn't have the same issues from last night.

  • @Latoya I was a bit grumpy to especially the second day lol!

    @Marsha congrats!!!

    @Latasha the mind can get you! I was fighting with my thoughts a lot during the detox lol!

    @mzcynnamon Let us know how it goes! We found our coconut water at HEB.

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