Blessings loves!

Do you love all things crafty?
Valentine’s Day is coming soon so I wanted to share a few Do It Yourself projects with you! That handmade touch just adds something special to gifts given to those you love!

Enjoy and share with your friends!

Super cute! Valentine’s Day Matchbox Wraps by Camille Styles!

Valentine’s Day Paper Jar by Paper Vine!

Valentine’s Day Mask by Clippie Dips!

Valentine’s Day Rice Krispies by Babies, Paper and Song!

VDay Glitter Votives by Tatertots & Jello. Love these!

DIY Valentine Treat Pockets Heart Craft by Momma Gaga!

Heart Shaped Carrots by Recipe by Photo.

Valentine’s Day Solid Lotion Bars by Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen.

Heart Shaped paper clips by How About Orange! The paper is a nice touch!

Valentine’s Day Bottles by Joy is at home!

What is your favorite DIY Valentine’s Day Gift idea?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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