Your friends are very important to your marriage! You don’t want people in your circle who are trying to break your marriage down and cause you to be unhappy. What type of friends do you want to have? The kind that uplift your marriage! I have come up with 6 ways my friends uplift my marriage. Check them out and share yours below!

1. They support your marriage.  
2. They respect your marriage and don’t talk bad your union or try to influence you in a negative way.
3. They have your best interest at heart and mind. Happiness in your marriage is the best for you and they want that for you.
4. They hold you accountable for your actions in your marriage. If you are doing something wrong, they will tell you. If they know how, they tell you how to fix it.
5. They help you see the good side of things. On those days when you feel like things are going downhill, they can remind you of the good things and bring you back up.
6. They let you know you are not alone. This is why I love having married friends. Many times they have been through what I have or something similar and can offer advice on how to make it through. VERY important!

What traits do you find important in friends who help your marriage?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  • Chari,
    Great counsel. I especially appreciate the part about them holding you accountable. So often people are tempted to go to others that will side with them and feed their anger toward their spouse. A real friend will be honest with you to benefit your marriage.

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