Did you know that there is healing power in plants?  Yep!  There sure is.  Essential oils come from all parts of the plant, and they are antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and more!  Before I entered this fascinating world of essential oils, I thought they were just to make things smell good!  Nope.  They are so much more than aromatherapy (although that’s nice, too).  In fact, I call them God’s Medicine!

Essential oils can be used to treat the common cold or flu.  They relieve a headache and treat a stomachache.  They soothe eczema and remove a wart.  They calm a colicky baby and ease the nerves of a stressed out mama.  They even boost immunity and purify the air.  They are great for cooking and perfect to clean your environment.  Essential oils support all aspects of health…physical, emotional, spiritual.  The more you learn about these plant powerhouses, the more you want to know!  Believe me
I only use 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  These can be used topically, diffused aromatically, or ingested internally.  They are safe for everyone in the family from baby to grandma. 
So, the next time you feel allergies ticking your nose, reach for essential oils instead of synthetic drugs.  If you have problems sleeping tonight, try some lavender instead of Lunesta.  For almost any ailment you have, there’s an oil for that!  For more information, go to www.SheShinesEssentialOils.com.

Casey Sollock is the founder of SheShinesWellness.com.  She is a certified holistic health coach, wellness speaker, and passionate smoothie sipper.  Her philosophy is to add in the good stuff, which crowds out the bad.  She hates diets, calorie counting, and restriction.  She loves dark chocolate, leafy greens, essential oils, PLAYtime, and connecting mind/body/spirit for total wellness.  Casey shares the goodness of greens and the simplicity of smoothies with everyone she meets!  She invites you to join the FREE She Shines Membership.  Click HERE for details.

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