What works for Sally down the street may not work for you when it comes to health.  This is the concept of bioindividuality.  And, this is why there are so many different experts out there telling you they have the perfect way to get you healthy.  Then you try it and it doesn’t work.  Yes, it works for some, but not for everyone.  You have to remember this concept of bioindividuality.  You are the expert on you.  We are all unique individuals with different needs when it comes to health.  You have to be very conscious of how different things make you feel when you consume them.  Eat consciously.  Get to know yourself and your body really well so you can give it what it needs during each season of life.  And, remember there is no magic pill that will get you healthy overnight.  Health requires commitment, perseverance, and consistent daily action.  You must do the work to get the health you want.  It will happen when you love yourself through delicious, clean nourishment and listen to your body, giving it what it needs each step of the way.  So, what can you add in today to make you healthier and happier?   

Guest post by Casey Sollock.
Casey Sollock is the founder of SheShinesWellness.com.  She is a certified holistic health coach, wellness speaker, and passionate smoothie sipper.  Her philosophy is to add in the good stuff, which crowds out the bad.  She hates diets, calorie counting, and restriction.  She loves dark chocolate, leafy greens, essential oils, PLAYtime, and connecting mind/body/spirit for total wellness.  Casey shares the goodness of greens and the simplicity of smoothies with everyone she meets!  She invites you to join the FREE She Shines Membership.  Click HERE for details.

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