Blessings momma! 
Motherhood can be hard, frustrating, beautiful, amazing, and stressful! I want you to remember that you were created for this and God knew when he created you that you would be a wonderful mother to your children! I wrote this letter to you! Refer to it often and share with your mom friends!

Dear moms,

You are beautiful, courageous, fantastic, miracle workers and so much more! You are priceless no matter what anyone says and you cannot be replaced! Your job is SO important and I salute you!

Thank you for all you have done and all that you do. For the thankless hours of work, worry, cooking, cleaning, praying, and making sure your children are taken care of. For getting up and starting a new day even though you may have felt that you failed yesterday. For continuing to try and never giving up on God’s children!

For protecting your children and then believing in them enough to allow them to spread their wings and learn life’s lessons on their own. Thank you for teaching them to survive. To thrive despite the madness. Even during the times when they say they hate you, thank you for loving them endlessly. Thank you for being a great example of unconditional love, sacrifice, and God like grace. Thank you moms for being you!  

There is no ‘perfect’ mom but God made you just for your children! Whatever you need is already in you or will be built within you along the way. Enjoy learning the new lessons that having children bring, for one day your children will pass these lessons down to their own children. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes, build yourself up and show your children how to do the same. Let them know you are ‘human’ and they will know that it is ok to be human as well.  Apologize to your children if you make a mistake and uplift them on the tough days. They need it just like you do! 

Remember to continue doing what you love to do. The things in life that make you happy. Things that make you smile and feel fulfilled. This is what we want for you. For you to be at your best so that we can continue to get the best of you! 
I love this quote:
Keep doing a wonderful job mommas! 
Your children and the world are counting on you!
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~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


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