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This morning I was reading a great inspirational book titled “Think and Grow Rich, a Black Perspective”. In this book the author talks a lot about how sometimes we get stuck in our mind state of what happened in our past or what’s currently going on in our surroundings. How we let those thoughts get us stuck. I know this is something I am guilty of doing.

Today I am giving you two quick tips to use your past to rock your future!  They’re probably nothing new that you’ve heard but sometimes we need a reminder to go ahead and get started!

Tip number one is…Whatever has happened in your past, whether it was yesterday or ten years ago, whether it was health-related, finances, relationship, job-related, you have to realize that it is in the past. And whatever it was, it happened to make you a stronger person. Don’t wallow in your troubles saying “Oh, why did this that happen to me?”  We’ve all been through some things but we must not stay in them. I have been through some stuff that was very difficult, it is still very difficult for me to even reference it right now.  It taught me that I can’t trust everybody. I went extreme with it and started shutting everybody off, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. But that in turn helped me learn that I have to learn to trust people not matter what someone else has done.  If you haven’t learned the lessons from things that happened to you in your past and you still haven’t let go, look back at those things and ask yourself “How did this make me stronger? What did I learn from that?” Sometimes we haven’t learned those lessons yet and that’s what keeps us involved in going back into the past.

The second tip is realize that your past does not define you. For instance, October is domestic violence awareness month and a lady was talking about how she was in an abusive relationship. With situations like this, we become victims of those situations and let them define us.  However, we have to realize that these things happened to us but don’t define who we are or who we can become. If you haven’t overcome this type of thinking, I pray most definitely that you will.

If there’s something that you need to talk to God about and ask for forgiveness, do that. Confess to God what is bothering you and let it go because He’s already forgiven you.

Bonus #3: Don’t hold onto something that you possibly did or said in the past, even if it was a few minutes ago. Pray to God and repent, which means you don’t intend to do it again and let it go.

Don’t let a troubled past stop you from having a God inspired future! {TWEET THIS}

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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