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Ever felt like you have been disconnected from God? Been too busy taking care of the kids, hubby, your boss to take time to talk to God? You know He is waiting to hear from you, but your haven’t made it a priority to pray and communicate with His regularly. 
Well, there is hope! Being in the digital age, many of us have phones which we are constantly on. Checking emails, facebook status updates, instagram feeds, pinterest ect. Well, guess what!? I have come across some great apps that remind you to pray! Isn’t that neat!? Download them to your phone and you can get notifications on your phone to remind you to pray and what to pray about. No more excuses! Check out a few of them below!
Instapray: A safe place that connects people around the world through prayers. Request prayers, share your prayers, pray for someone, and get connected! Become a part of the Instapray community and share your love, support, happiness, or struggles with the world around you. 
Check it out here:
Prayer Mate: Helps you be faithful in prayer for the people and causes you care about.
Every day, PrayerMate will select a person or topic that you’ve entered from each of your main categories (perhaps “My family” or “My small group at church”) and show them to you as a series of index cards – then just swipe between them to pray. It brings together prayer points you’ve entered manually, regular updates from a whole host of Christian charities and churches, PDF prayer letters and daily prayer pointers from “Operation World”. 

Echo Prayer ManagerEcho lets you keep a list of every single one of your prayers. You can add as many prayers as you want, organize them into groups, delete old prayers, and even mark prayers as answered so you can see how God is working (and remember to thank Him!).

You can easily set up push notifications or emails to remind you to pray for individual prayers, or even groups of prayers. Reminders help you engage with God throughout the week, even when you find yourself busy with life.

Echo gives you the ability to “Pray Now” which gives you a clear, focused way to pray. Choose what you would like to pray for and optionally set a timer for how long you want to pray.

Learn more here:

Prayer Prompter: (This one seems a little harder to navigate but I think I like it!) Prayer Prompter is like a two drawer file cabinet. The top drawer stores and organizes Scripture passages in folders by topic. It comes with 650+ passages from the New American Standard Bible already installed and more can be added. You can change the passages to another version if you want and even delete the passages you don’t like. The bottom drawer stores and organizes prayer requests and answers to prayer in folders.


Check it out here:


What prayer app do you use? Share with us!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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