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In need of some budget friendly, beautiful, and unique home decor, I began to look around on Pinterest and found some DIY ideas for a plastic spoon mirror. I thought man, these really look great! So I decided to make my own. Of course it had to be purple lol! My FAVE color! 

What you will need:

Purple Spray Paint (purchased at Walmart)
Metallic Gold paint (purchased at Walmart)
6 inch craft mirror (purchased at Michaels)
150-200 CLEAR plastic spoons (purchased at Walmart)
Glue gun (had at home)
Glue sticks (purchased at Walmart)
E6000 glue (purchased at Walmart)
Rhinestones (purchased at Michaels)
Foam Brush (purchased at Michaels)
Ribbon (used some from home)
Cardboard box (from the house)

Total cost approx. $20. 🙂

I began by using a cardboard box and a large circle bowl to drop a circle on the cardboard. I then cut the circle out. I took the mirror and traced a circle in the middle of the cardboard circle so that I would know where to stop glueing the spoons. I then snapped the handles off of 100+ spoons. This will take time so be patient. Then I used the glue gun and began gluing the spoons on the outer rim on in. Make sure on each new row, that the spoons alternate in space so that you are not placing one spoon directly in front of the other.

When I was done, I went outside and began to spray the spoons. 
I used maybe 3-4 coats and let it dry.

YAY! I love purple lol.
After that dried, I used a foam brush and began to paint the smallest circle of spoons with the gold paint. Let dry.

Next, I took some ribbon and my glue gun and glued them to the back. Yes, I went a little crazy with the glue. Lol

I cut out a piece of cardboard about the size of the mirror and glued it on with the E6000 glue so that the mirror would sit even when glued down. *Use this glue in a well vented room and with a mask on.

I really like a little bling in my decor so I used the glue gun and added rhinestones on the inner gold spoons and outer purple spoons to give it that eye catching factor!
I then used the E6000 glue and glued the mirror on top, let dry for 24-36 hours and…. TAH DAH! lol *Remember use this glue in a well vented room and with a mask on.

This is the final product hanging on my wall! I LOVE IT!! 
My daughter wants me to make one for her room! lol

Have you made one of these? How did it turn out!?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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