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Are you a mom who stays at home with your kids and feels like sometimes it is just too much? Like you need something new, a break from the norm? I know how you feel girl! I have been there and still battle it somedays now. 

If we are not careful, it will affect our attitudes and how we interact with the ones that we love. We don’t want that! There are some things that you can do starting right now!

1. Get out of the house. Take yourself and some little one(s) out of the park, go window shopping, go to the splash pad, or go sit at Starbucks and enjoy a cup of tea. Being out in nature will help a lot from the feeling of being cooped up in the house.

2. Take time to yourself doing what you love.
I mentioned several ways to do this in my previous post. Take some time to do things you love and refresh your mind so that you can serve from a full cup rather than being exhausted and trying to help everyone else. 

3. Make new women/mom friends. Adult conversation is very underrated. It’s important for us to talk to other moms or other women so that we know we are not alone and to have support when we are feeling down. Go on a play date or join a mom’s group. Check out MOPS international. There are a few blog posts about them here.

4. Appreciate and enjoy the time with your children. In the past because I was working at home and taking care of the house I would feel irritated because my son wanted my attention when I was working. But I had to realize that he is more important than any of this other stuff that I’m doing and I close my computer and spend time with him. This is time I can never get back. 

How do you get out of the SAHM rut? Share with us!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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