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As stay at home and work at home moms, it seems like our little ones are always there. We are eating, we are using the restroom, we are cleaning the house. They are always there. Can you relate lol?

It becomes our new norm and we forget to spend time by ourselves. We start to think that it has to be that way. But it does not and we have to create little corners of time for ourselves.

We have to realize that it if mom is not taking care of herself, she will not be a happy person. We need to make ourselves a priority in our everyday lives. You deserve it for all of the hard work that you do! 

Some ways we can create time in the day for ourselves are…

1. Determine how much time you want to spend. Whether it is 10 minutes to 2 hours. How much time do you want to spend and how often? I used to think it had to be a long stretch of time. But a quick 15 minutes doing something that I love really can refresh me for the day.

2. Nap when the kids nap. I know I heard this advice before I had my twins and my two-year-old and of course I was like when they are asleep I want to get work done. I want to clean the house. For a while I would work on my business or try to clean up while my they were asleep. But as I started to take naps while they napped, I would feel much better for the rest of the day. Even if it meant laying them down and napping for 30 minutes and then getting up and working for the rest of the time they were asleep.

3. Shower while they nap. This works well for me if I would lay my son down and immediately take a shower. No excuses for I don’t have time for mommy. Because it is already in my schedule. Even a quick 5-10 minute shower is SO refreshing!

4. Be near your child, but not playing with them. This means sitting in a chair in the same room reading, sewing ect. or have them play in a room and you sit in a room near them enjoying some quality time to yourself.

5. Join an organization. I am a member of MOPS international. We meet twice a month. They rotate having a speaker and a craft. I love it! Anddddddd they have childcare. Woooo hoooo! It is such a blessing! Find a MOPS near you.

    How do you sneak in time for yourself as a stay at home mom? Share with us!

    ~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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