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In your marriage have you found yourself as a wife becoming impatient and frustrated with your husband? I’m sure we all have! Just like they become frustrated with us lol! As women of God, in our marriage we should exemplify the love of God.

Now I want you to think about when you did something you KNEW you weren’t supposed to but God saw you through? Why did He? Because He loves you! God shows us so much favor and grace everyday. Aren’t you glad that He does!?

We should be doing the same with our husbands. Today I am sharing 4 ways to help you show grace to your husband on a daily basis.

1. Forgive quickly. Holding grudges can dig a deep hole of anger and resentment in your marriage. Forgive your husband as God forgives you. Think about how many times God has forgiven you or will forgive you. You should do the same for your husband. Don’t bring up issues from the past when you have an argument. Forgive him and let it go.

2. Serve selflessly. Do things for your husband without expecting anything in return. On a everyday basis, do things for him just because you want to extend your favor to him the same way that God does for you. God shows us favor in SO many ways. Be a servant. Say it to yourself over and over to yourself if you have to. ‘Let me serve my husband selflessly.’

3. Be understanding. When we have arguments, often we listen to defend ourselves. We are waiting for our husbands to finish talking, if we even do that, to defend ourselves. Listen to understand your husband’s point of view and what he is going through. It will help you to respond in love rather than from your ego. When you realize he is having a rough day, you may be less likely to nag and add to the issues he is dealing with. That is a way to show grace.

4. Pray for him instead of attacking him. Instead of nagging or attacking your husband, pray for him. Talk to God about the things that you are having trouble dealing with. Pray for the way that you react to the issues that you are dealing with. Ask God if you need to take the problem to your husband. If yes, ask God to give you the words, tone, and understanding when you two talk.

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How do you show grace to your husband? Share below!


~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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