Blessings mommas!

I love reading devotionals because they keep my mind on the spiritual aspects of life and keep me encouraged! Especially as a busy mom lol!

I love to use the Youversion Bible app on my phone to read the bible and devotionals as well. There are some great devotionals for moms and I wanted to share some with you!

Unshakable Moms

What if you knew how to build a house so sturdy, it couldn’t be moved by the storms of adversity? What if your foundation was so solid that even if the floor beneath your feet began to quake, you remained UNSHAKABLE?

This devotional reminds us that as moms we must be confident and have God as our foundation!

A Minute for Mommy

Join Berkli Binns as she reflects on her motherhood experiences and lessons God has taught her through her children. With thirty-one inspirational devotionals, you can read daily or just pick it up when you need some encouragement.

Thrive Moms: Warrior Study
The battle is real. It’s in our communities, our homes, and our hearts. It’s everywhere around us. As mothers, we are we down in the trenches and fighting on the frontlines–facing our enemy head on. This devotional helps us get through it!

No More Perfect Moms 

The “No More Perfect Moms 7-Day Devotional” will help you free yourself from unrealistic expectations as you learn to view yourself as God has made you. 

Encouragement from a mom who launched her 7 children and lived to tell about it. Part one of several devotions in this series from Robin Meadows!
Hang on mom—there’s joy to be found under all those dirty dishes! This is a motherhood survival guide from popular blogger Lisa Pennington and her new book “Mama Needs a Do-Over.”
No mother can live up to supermommy expectations. Thankfully, God isn’t looking for perfection. He’s calling on imperfect moms to be faithfully plugged into his superpowers. Delve into expectations every new mom faces—for her baby, personal appearance, housekeeping, marriage, parenting, and more.
Aren’t there times as a mom that you just want to hide…like in the pantry with a chocolate bar?  Hidden from the storms of life and the weight of responsibilities.
What is your favorite online devotional for moms?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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