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Have you found yourself busy, stressed, and irritated? So many things to do with so little time? I know sometimes feel this way! Lol!

Being a mom, wife, and business owner things can get hectic! Making sure homework is done, dinner is prepared, and my business is running smoothly can be a bit much! Can you relate?

Ask yourself this…

Are you spending time with God each day? Why not? It is not our time, it is God’s time. Have you ever thought about it that way? When I first heard this I was like…WOW. Check up!! You need to get it together girl! lol

Everything belongs to God. So change your mindset about your time and how you spend it. If you think of it as God’s time, I guarantee you will start to use your time differently. Consider how much time you were spending with God. How much are you studying the bible? How often are you praying? Now compare it to how much time you spend on your phone or iPad or laptop versus how much time you spend on your faith, your family, and your friends.

Are you focusing on the wrong things in your life like stress and worry? It may be because you are not putting on the full armor of God and making your faith a priority. So make a plan daily for your walk of faith and use God’s time wisely.

Stop making things urgent and important that are not. What is more important than spending time with God so that you can know how He wants you to use the time that He has blessed you with?

Check out my previous blog post about time management for busy moms here.

How are you using God’s time today?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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