Blessings mommas!

During the school year our precious little ones are at school with their teachers and friends more than they are at home with us. It can be a scary feeling for us as parents as well as for our children. Though for us as stay/work at home moms it can also be a feeling of relief because we have a little more free time and quiet in the house. Know what I mean? Lol!

When my children go to school, I want them to feel loved and cherished by their teachers, of course. Just in case they are having a bad day or feeling frustrated, I wanted to find a way to give them a pick me up even though mom isn’t there at school with them. So I decided to send lunch box notes! If you have never thought about sending them, here are some reasons you should! I asked some moms on Facebook and they chimed in too!

  1. Let them know they are loved. So they know momma loves them and aren’t seeking love or attention elsewhere. 
  2. It let’s them know you are thinking of them during the school day. My daughter told me that I am happy she is going back to school because I will be by myself. I told her I will still have her little brother with me. Sending notes lets her know that I am still thinking about her even though she isn’t home with me anymore.
  3. They make your child smile. Who doesn’t love that!? 
  4. To encourage your child. They may be feeling like they are having a bad day and can’t do things right. A lunch box note will encourage them, remind them that they can accomplish anything, and let them know mom is rooting for them!
  5. Help them maintain a positive mindset at school. We as parents help shape our child’s inner dialogue about themselves. We should be intentional about this and sending positive notes is a great help! I designed these inspirational lunch box notes to send with my daughter and these to send with my son because sometimes I get busy and forget to write a note for them. As moms we help shape our child's inner dialogue. Sending positive lunch box notes is a great help! Click To Tweet
  6. Keep their focus on God and their goals during the school day. With so much going on, kids may forget about their goals and a note will remind them. My child’s teach from last year said that she loved that we wrote what our son needed to focus on each day. A great idea is to include a scripture that you and your child(ren) can talk about at the end of the day.
  7. Because you are a momma and you rock! Well, you do!


Why do you send lunch box notes with your children? Let us know!


Are you busy momma who wants to send notes but you find it hard to make time to think what to write? Get these scripture inspired lunch box notes for your little ones! Print them out and slip them in their lunch box! 

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