Blessings mommas!

Our precious girls are at school for a majority of the day, more than they are with us! Can you imagine that!? I don’t have to tell you because you live it everyday, right!? Lol! There is no feeling like your daughter coming home and saying she doesn’t like school anymore. Not something a mom wants to hear!

I am all about being proactive and doing what we can to prevent certain situations before they happen or lessening their impact. In my previous posts I addressed the issues of dealing with back to school fears for our children and anxiety us as moms may experience. This tips today are a continuation as mom life never stops, right!? Lol! Try these tips and see your daughter shine!


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  1. Send a funny picture. Something that is sure to make her smile or laugh at school. Did you two take a silly picture in the past? Make a copy and sneak it into her bag.
  2. A coupon for a treat or mom/daughter special trip. Think of one of her favorite treats or favorite things to do with you. Maybe a mani/pedi? She would love to get a coupon to redeem!
  3. Draw a creative picture of something she loves. Does she loves princesses or dolls? Try drawing one for her! It doesn’t have to be perfect! She will love that it came from you!
  4. Send a funny joke you two share. What is something you say often that makes her laugh? Leave a note in her lunch box that you two love. It will be an unexpected laugh during a good or tough day at school.
  5. Send an encouraging quote or scripture. Another great idea is to send her a lunch box note with an encouraging quote or scripture. This will be great for those tough days when she may feel frustrated and just want to go home. In my previous post I talk more about why we should send lunch box notes.


How do you encourage your daughter during the school day? Let us know!


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