Blessings momma!

School has started back for many of us and some of our children are super excited (We are as moms too! lol), while others are afraid of what is to come. Some children are going to school for the first time ever. What a scary time this can be for them as well as us moms! Separation anxiety can happen to us both! But have no fear! There are ways to help your child calm their fears. 


  1. Calm your own fears. Our children can read us very well and if you’re feeling anxiety about your child going back to school they will start to feel it also. Read more tips here. Calming your own fears will help your children get over their fears of school. #momlife Click To Tweet
  2. Express your excitement about them starting school or going to a new grade. Let them know how excited you are that they will be learning more, meeting new friends, and having new teachers!
  3. Leave an encouraging lunchbox note in their lunch box for school. This will leave a smile on their face and let them know that mom is thinking of them!
  4. Pray with them. This will strengthen their relationship with God and show them that you are serious about trusting God. For ideas, in a previous post I shared scriptures to pray over your children.
  5. Let you know how proud you are of them. Do this on a constant basis so that they will be excited about going to school and succeeding so that they can receive your praise.
  6. Each day ask them how their school day was. So you can address any anxiety that they may have. Ask them what they enjoyed most and least about their school day. 


How have you calmed your child’s back to school fears? Share with us below!


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