Blessings momma!

In Texas we were recently hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. There was so much devastation and the storm isn’t over yet. It has traveled to other cities and people are trying to recoup. When looking at the news I saw many pictures of moms and dads with their children.

I prayed for these precious families. I shared some of my story in my previous blog post Hurricane Harvey: Why I didn’t stay, A Mom’s Perspective.

We all go through some type of crisis in our life at one time or another. It is our jobs as mothers to help show and guide our children in a healthy way so that they will know how to one day handle going through a crisis on their own. 

In the video below I share intentional ways to help your child cope during a time of crisis. Check it out!



Here are the key points from the video above:

  1. Don’t shelter them. Don’t try to hide what has happened or your true feelings.
  2. If they want to talk, actively listen. Talk to them about the situation and listen as well. Get rid of all distractions and focus on your child.
  3. Spend more quality time with your child(ren). Spend more time around them doing things that they love to provide a sense of security.
  4. Share how people have helped in the time of tragedy. Don’t focus on only the negative, talk about the heroes and the positive that is or will come out of the situation.
  5. Let your child know that God is in control. Let them know that the negative situation will not win if they don’t let it because God is always in control.
  6. Know when to seek help. If your child seems to have issues that aren’t resolving themselves, seek professional help.
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