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When the threat of Hurricane Harvey loomed, some of us Texans thought it would be destructive and others thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. In the end, we all made decisions whether it was to leave or to stay, to be rescued or wait it out. Some of us have regrets and others relief. Just like other ‘storms’ in life, there were lessons to be learned.

In my previous post Hurricane Harvey: Why I didn’t stay I shared what happened when I evacuated from a mom’s point of view. Below I share 7 lessons I learned from hurricane Harvey! 


1. Trust your gut & take action! In my previous post about Hurricane Harvey I shared how I was going back and forth with what I should do. I decided to visit my sister’s house about 4 hours from Houston. Thought I was unsure, it ended up being the best thing that I could do. 

One lesson I learned from Hurricane Harvey is to trust your gut & take action! #faith Click To Tweet

2. Seek God’s will & Trust Him. If you chose to stay in a situation or flee ask yourself if it is God will. If you make a choice outside of God’s will, be prepared for the consequences whether they be good or bad.

 Whatever choice you make in life, if you know it was God’s will (not just your own) trust that He will take care of you. 

3. Be anxious about nothing. I shared in my post about Hurricane Harvey that my husband had to stay behind. I really HATED this because I don’t like being away from my husband and I was worried about his safety.

4. It is ok to survive. I had a bit of survivor’s guilt because I evacuated when others chose not to. I had to look at my children, why I did that I did and be ok with the fact that I did what was best for us to survive the mental and physical stress.

5. Do what you can to help others through their storm. I thought to myself, what can I do to help others? What would I want help with? Donations? Time? I will be doing it all! 

6. Family is what matters most, not possessions. This sounds good until you are really in a position where you could lose everything you own. It is scary but really put things into perspective. I took the time during our evacuation to play more with my children. Took more time to watch them play, laugh, and enjoy spending time with their cousins, aunts, and uncle. I shared this and more in a previous post ways to help your child cope during a crisis.

7. Tomorrow is not promised. Another one that sounds cliche but is the t-r-u-t-h. Treasure today because tomorrow may not come for some of us.


What lessons did you learn from surviving Hurricane Harvey or a storm in your life?


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