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The floods, tornados, and winds of Hurricane Harvey have devastated parts of Texas as the world looks on. Lives have been changed forever. But we will not be overcome! It has been amazing to see Texans helping Texans rebuild! Donations, volunteering, and rescuing lives! In my previous post I shared why I evacuated and that I was praying for my fellow Houstonians and Texans.

Below is the audio and text of the prayer. May it guide us during this tough time.

Dear God,

Thank you first and foremost for each breath that we breathe.

Thank you for everyone who has survived the many storms in our lives, most recently Hurricane Harvey.

Though it has destroyed many homes, cars, and invaluable material things…God don’t let it destroy our spirit.

Let the cleansing of the flood rid our minds of limiting beliefs and judgment of people and situations that we once held so dear.

Bless those who have lost material possessions.

That we be reminded that these things may be gone, but being in our right mind is what matters most.

Bless those who have lost people who are dear to them. Comfort them during this time of unexplainable sorrow.

Empower them so that they will live a life that their loved ones would be proud of by continuing to love their neighbors as they did during this storm.

Bless those with hate in their heart, that is may be turned to love.

Bless everyone who is hurting at this time. That they know that there is nothing that can happen to them that You can’t heal.

Bless us with a peace that surpasses all understanding and to know that no matter what storms come into our lives, whether they be physical or mental, we can and will overcome.

Lastly, bless those who are still in the path of the storm.

That they will seek Your will, to serve others, make personal safety of themselves and those around them a priority rather than clinging to the things of this world.

Though our hearts and our homes may be broken, we will heal. We will continue to show love, help our fellow neighbor, rebuild & renew our minds, bodies, and communities like never before.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Listen to the prayer below:



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