Blessings mommas!

Life as a mother can be pretty hectic! We become so busy taking care of our children’s needs that we neglect ourselves. Then on top of that, we start looking at other moms and their children. Then the negative self talk starts ‘Why can’t I be like her?’ or ‘Why don’t my children act like that?’. Then at the end of the day we are worn out thinking about everything we didn’t accomplish that day.

We have to remember to encourage ourselves as mothers as we raise our precious children. In a previous post I gave 9 Inspirational Quotes to remember so that we can remember that we rock as mommas! Meditating on scriptures is also a great was to stay inspired as a mom!

Today I want to talk about things in life that we want to affirm as moms so that we continue to believe in ourselves and the power that we have as moms! Enjoy these faith based affirmations for you momma!

I am a courageous mother of faith and I love my children dearly! 

Today I will encourage my child and myself in Christ. 

I have been called to be a mom, the greatest calling in the world! I have been called to be a mom, the greatest calling in the world! #momlife Click To Tweet

I am living a Christian lifestyle that I want my children to live.

My children don’t need me to be perfect, they simply need me to be me!

I am making myself a priority and practicing self care consistently!

I am a FUN mom! I enjoy spending time with my children and creating memories!

I am more than ‘just a mom’. I am raising our next generation! 

I am grateful for my children and the blessings that they bring to my life!

My children are God's reminder to enjoy life! #momlife Click To Tweet

I love teaching my children to hide the word of God in their hearts.

I have faith that I will make it through this day! 

I enjoy teaching God’s word to my children and living it out by example.

I am raising children of God who seek to live like Christ everyday!

I am an awesome mother raising amazing children!

I am a mom. I was created for this. I am a enough.


What is your favorite affirmation that you say to yourself to keep you motivated as a mother? Share below!




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