Many of us are dealing with money issues or issues with prosperity. We think we are supposed to settle, work with what we have and that is it. It may be because of bad money habits, a negative mindset, or traditions passed down in our family. But God wants us to be prosperous! 

We all have the potential to live a life full of abundance and thriving with God’s good fortune. But are you tapping into it? Or are you settling for less than God’s best?  To work on changing your prosperity narrative, try repeating the affirmations below everyday!



I am a good steward of my finances & I spend God’s money wisely.

I seek God’s will before spending  & saving money.

I am open to receiving abundance, wealth, & joy into my life!

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I save & invest God’s money wisely.

I use my prosperity to further God’s purpose for my life!

I thank God for continuous financial security!


Which is your favorite affirmation? Share below!


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