Christmas time is near! Last year we had a 4 foot tree which is the largest tree we have ever had. Before that we had an even smaller purple Christmas tree. Which my husband threw away when we moved. Boo!

This Christmas we decided to go with a full size tree. Shocker! Lol! We were on a bit of a budget and I really wanted a silver Christmas tree. As I looked in retail stores they either didn’t have the height and width that I wanted, or the tree was $200 plus.

So I began to research how to paint your own tree.  I figured I would buy a white Christmas tree and paint it silver.  As I read online tutorials, people talked about taking their tree outside, spray painting their tree and using up to 16 cans of paint. Plus I thought about the toxic smells in the house. Which I did not want.

So I decided I would compromise and add silver tips to my white Christmas tree. I bought some silver acrylic paint, silver glitter, paint brushes, and of course a Christmas tree! I also used some left over Modge Podge that I had at the house.

This is the tree I started with!

I began to paint the tips of the tree with the silver paint. I started with the 8 oz bottle shown above then finished with the 16 oz metallic paint on the left. My daughter even helped paint a little bit! Memories!

After allowing to dry, I mixed the silver glitter with the Mod Podge (so it would stick) in a paper cup and painted on the branch of the tree on the other side of the branch going towards the tree. You can see a few examples below.

Being a busy mom I couldn’t sit down and do this all at one time. Lol!  So I did it for a few days/nights as I had free time. And…wholah!

Then I added my ornaments, including my DIY painted ornaments, and I was done!

I love the depth and extra sparkle that the silver tips added to my tree without the extra cost!

What you will need:

1 White Christmas tree 6 ft

Metallic silver acrylic paint or Silver glitter acrylic paint

Paint brushes (I used one of the larger brushes in the pack shown below.)

Large silver glitter 

Mod Podge 16 oz




2 Thoughts on “How to Paint an Artificial White Christmas Tree”

  • Chari sweetie, you never cease to amaze me. No honestly….Lol. You are definitely one of God’s children. And I enjoy watching my sister in Christ. You are beautiful, talented, patient, humble, and adorable. There is so much you do that inspires me, it isn’t funny.
    The tree you created sis is just one of many of your fine talents. See, if there is something that I need for a speech, or a paper etc., etc., etc. I look for the winners for answers. From individual’s as yourself. I really appreciate your hard and dedicated work. God bless you and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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