Blessings momma!

Have you ever caught yourself in a cycle of negativity? It is time to change that! Some of us, especially as stay-at-home moms, are so into our routine or we let the lives of our children run our day and our attitude! Today I want to empower you to take control of your morning and your mindset!

Warning, this may require you to get up early. Lol!


No electronics. Talk to God about your day ahead. Share what you would like to accomplish. Then ask, what would He like you to accomplish? Who can you bless? How can you be a better mother, wife, daughter, woman of God? 

Make Your Bed

This makes your room look better and gives you a quick win (accomplishment) for the morning!

Get Dressed

As a stay at home mom, being dressed you will be prepared should something happen, and it will help make you more productive and confident! Put on something cute!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Make sure you are feeding your body nutritious foods that include protein, fruit, and veggies!

Listen to something motivational and empowering!

Listen to a podcast, sermon, and/or uplifting music.

This is very important! One of the easiest ways that the devil attacks us is through out mind. By listening to positive and uplifting things first thing in the morning, we start off on the right track with a mindset to conquer the day rather than feeling like a victim of it. I shared 11 encouraging podcast for Christian moms here.

Watch an empowering video.

As above this gets you started on the right track for the day but going further and providing a visual aid of empowerment as well as audio. I love seeing people doing what I aspire to do while listening to an inspirational message!


After all, we are mothers who are children are watching and learning from all of the time! This routine will help us to be Godly examples to our children the way that God wants us to be!

What morning habit empowers you? Share below!



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