Blessings momma!

With my twins home for spring break, it can be a help and hinderance to my business lol! My 3 year old is used to being home with me but when they are home he loves it even more! Lots of yelling, laughing, and fussing lol!

We enjoy time at the playground and getting out of the house. But I knew I had to find ways to focus on my business as an entrepreneur too. Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship can be tough! Today I am sharing a few of those ways with you! Some you may have heard but not started implementing yet.


Work while they nap. If you choose to do this, it will be the opposite of and the sacrifice of ‘nap while they nap’ unless you break it up. For instance, if you know your child sleeps for 2 hours, you can lay down for 30 minutes or an hour. Wake up and work until they wake up. You will have that focused time to get your work done with no distractions, no worry, or mom guilt because you feel like you are pushing them to the side.

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Wake up early. Before they’re going to get up, wake up early and work. I must admit this is a difficult one for me because I’m not really a morning person. Lol! But I was waking up at 5am at one time and I would work until my son woke up around 7 or 8am. That time you can be sending emails, creating graphics, doing videos with no interruptions!

Stay up late. Now this works best for me! After they go to bed, get to work! I love this because I don’t have anybody calling me, wanting something etc. This is my focused time to help you become a better mother, wife, mompreneur, and woman of God. I do livestream sometimes where my kids join in on my Facebook community Live Your God Inspired Purpose! because I know you guys like to see the kiddos sometimes!

 How do you get work done with your kids at home? Let us know below!


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