Mother’s Day is a wonderful day that many of us look forward to especially as moms! We do so much everyday, so many sacrifices, that we often feel are overlooked! Chocolate and flowers are great but today I am sharing with you what moms REALLY want!

I asked moms on Facebook and one mom said “Guilt free laziness”. I concur! We get to be lazy and not feel bad about it! So of course that will take a mindset shift and whoever is watching our children reassuring us that they are well taken care of and we can feel free to do as we wish for the day!

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1. To Sleep in! Being able to sleep in without worrying about waking up to feed the kids, take someone to the bathroom, or get up and work is priceless!! Let momma finally get some rest!

2. A day to hang up the momma towel. No washing dishes, folding clothes, dressing little ones etc. Momma gets to have a day doing whatever she most loves! Nothing like it! 

3. Spa Day. We as moms sacrifice so much, which unfortunately often includes ourselves. A day of pampering would make us feel so appreciated and relaxed! Nothing like a relaxed mom ready to take on the world!

4. A clean house not done by mom. To come home to a clean house that we didn’t clean is a God send lol! We spend so much time trying to balance taking care of the kids and keeping the house clean. To have someone else do it will be such a relief!

5. Spend time with her children (especially those who have kids who have moved out) Having the family all together to share memories, create memories, and catch up is dear to many mother’s hearts!

What do you want most for Mother’s Day or have done for another mom?

P.S. These things can be done throughout the year, not just on Mother’s Day! Are you up for the challenge?


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