Chari has a passion for inspiring Christian women to live their God inspired purpose in all areas of their lives through public speaking and poetry! She is the author of Living Your God Inspired Purpose, and CEO of ChariT's Inspirational Creations! Chari is transparent and relatable. She draws from her past experiences of low self confidence and shares how she has overcome self doubt to empower others to do the same. She gives her audiences tools to embrace their worth in Christ, conquer their fears, and rock their faith LIKE A BOSS!


The Power of Living Your God Inspired Purpose

Are you living your purpose? This talk explains the importance of living your purpose for God’s kingdom. How living your purpose can bring real joy, fulfillment, and peace to your life and the lives of those around you!

Conquering Fear with Fierce Faith

Dealing with fear in your life? We all are! In this talk Chari shares why we should face our fears head on with faith and the confidence in God and ourselves that it brings! Learn empowering faith tips to overcome fear by faith and live a life that truly shines for God unapologetically! 

You are More than a Mom!

Feeling worn out by the duties of motherhood? In this talk Chari shares the importance of taking care of ourselves. She shares practical ways that we can strengthen our faith, make ourselves a priority and live our unique purpose in life while being awesome moms!

What Others are Saying:

Below are snippets of testimonials. You can view the full testimonies below the slides.

"When Chari stepped on the stage, the Holy Spirit took over! She spoke with passion and conviction about living a purpose-filled life. She challenged our walk of faith, inspired us to search within for our God-given purpose, and empowered us to believe that God has equipped us to live out that purpose! She is an anointed vessel that God is using in this hour."   
-DALITA SAVAGE speaker and founder of Dalita Savage Ministries
"Chari was an AweMazing guest for The S.H.E. is In You Telesummit. She spoke about the 3 lies that the devil tells us about our purpose, and how we can combat them everyday! She shared spiritual tools that we can use to help us overcome anything the devil throws our way! Chari's examples were very relatable for me as she made me feel as though she were speaking directly to me and many of the women on the call. We felt empowered to trust in God, and live our purpose no matter what may try to stop us from being the Awesome & Amazing women God created us to be!" 
-VANETIA FAHIE author, speaker and CEO of La Femme magazine
"I felt Chari's poem was uplifting and truly inspiring! I loved her delivery! Chari truly did an wonderful job captivating the audience with her words! It was an honor and a pleasure to share the stage with Chari! Continued blessings in all that you do!!" 
-Chenica Grant speaker and CEO of Unveiled Aspirations